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Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is one of the principal drivers of customer loyalty and referral but, along with unreliability, a principal cause of customer dissatisfaction. Our customer satisfaction programme can play a major part in helping an organisation to design and then monitor the performance of its customer service delivery processes.

Today, managers recognise service delivery as one of the factors which has a direct and measurable effect on profitable growth. Managers have demonstrated that, by improving customer service delivery, organisations can make significant and sustainable gains in the market. The service delivery process has many discrete, albeit inter-linked, elements, each of which is a ‘moment of truth’ for the customer. Each element carries within it the seeds of customer satisfaction and this demands that managers get an in-depth understanding of the different moments of truth that make up the customer’s current service experience.

The key to service process ‘quality’ is designing systems that allow the right job to be done first time. This means identifying: the important features of the service delivery process; the extent to which the process delivers the brand promise as well as meeting customers’ expectations; and if it provides competitive advantage through adding value.

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