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In Store Auditing

Our auditing services include activities such as competitor price analysis, price benchmarking and on-shelf availability checks. These services provide crucial information that you cannot get internally because of employees ‘covering their backs’ or ‘massaging figures’. We offer a truly independent viewpoint on your business.

It’s vitally important to know what’s happening inside the retail environment. Having worked with many leading retail brands, we understand what it takes to carry out a high quality retail audit. We gather detailed information about store environments and produce clear reports that meet your business goals. Our work covers point-of-sale (POS) audits, POS displays, brand audits, price checking, promotional compliance, product audits, stock availability audits and much more. Our services include:

  • Stock availability
  • POS placement
  • Brand standards
  • Tracking compliance
  • Price checks

Our auditors provide accurate information on all the retail environment issues that affect your business performance.