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Staff Monitoring

Research by American Express showed that during the previous year (2014) over half (55%) of consumers stated they had intended to make a purchase, but had decided not to proceed based on a poor service experience.

Inside Tracks dedicated Staff Monitoring offers clients a cost effective means to help you get the best out of your key asset, your staff. Staff are a business's most important asset and how they perform will impact on its profitability and long term viability.

Better staff performance raises customer loyalty and enables businesses to track improvement of their staff's performance with an ongoing programme of our bespoke reviews. These are designed to provide a detailed and objective view of your customers' experience when using your business, whatever the sector.

By encouraging staff to support one another and to work together to meet customer needs you can avoid a 'blame culture' where people blame other employees to explain problems to customers. Our reports link staff performance to reward and recognition underpinned by robust training support, which can include:
• Speedy submission of reports and data
• On line reports availability 24/7
• Ongoing support package, including suite of on line analytical tools
• Client review meetings
• One to one debriefs with site managers
• Follow up training

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